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Updated CNN National Matchups and the Following States: New York, Maine, and California


The CNN National Poll had only one presidential matchup featured. Which was between Clinton and Giuliani. Clinton beats Giuliani 51% to 45%. Her largest margin in any CNN poll thus far in the year. Go to our CNN national poll page for more data.

We've also updated a slew of states from polling data over the past month. So if there was a state that you had a keen interest in and saw no polls, we welcome you to check them out.

There are just too many polls to list here all at once so we'll give you a few snippets of the polls and have you go to our states page for more information.

Barack Obama does not do so well against Rudy Giuliani in New York. Clinton has a commanding 15 point lead. For more New York data, go to our New York page.

New York %
Rudy Giuliani 34.0
Hillary Clinton 49.0
Margin -15.0
New York %
Rudy Giuliani 36.0
Barack Obama 41.0
Margin -5.0

Clinton holds large leads in Maine against all Republican challengers.

Maine %
Rudy Giuliani 37.0
Hillary Clinton 48.0
Margin -11.0

For more Maine data, go to our Maine page.

California is not a very competitive state for Republicans. There deficits range from Giuliani being down 16% to Clinton to Ron Paul being down 39%.

Maine %
Rudy Giuliani 39.0
Hillary Clinton 55.0
Margin -16.0
Maine %
Ron Paul 24.0
Hillary Clinton 63.0
Margin -39.0

For more California data, go to our California page.

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