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Latest Updates

  1. John Edwards is Electable - 1/10
  2. Ron Paul Snubbed by Fox - 1/2



Latest Giuliani v. Clinton Polls


Here are the latest state polls released by Survey USA over the past week.

State Giuliani Clinton
Oregon 45% 46%
Virginia 45% 45%
Minnesota 43% 49%
Wisconsin 42% 49%
Iowa 43% 47%
Ohio 44% 49%
Missouri 45% 44%

There have been several other matchups that we are not listing here as we are all preparing for the weekend. The website WILL be updated but today it is all about travel travel travel for the majority of us.

We will be updating all of the Survey USA polls on this site, and only give the Giuliani v. Clinton matchups because they are the most sought after. We are not trying to perpetuate and/or promote a Giuliani vs. Clinton matchup if that is what you're thinking :-).

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